Reported Boss to HR

So here is my problem. I was hired into Walmart by Boss A as new member on a team that has same members for past 10 years. 1 month later Boss A was moved to another (much smaller project) and got Boss B (boss B had been with Walmart left and was brought back at Director level).

I could tell he didn’t like me or perhaps just didn’t know me. So we have our weekly 1-1 in which he begins to offload on me saying things like oh I don’t see you as a good fit, I doubt you will stay here long, I wonder why they hired you, your tone of voice is aggravating etc. to me this came from left field as I am more quiet and don’t talk much.

I told him on the call that I would be escalating this to HR as I believe it is unprofessional what he is doing. So I did that and HR did an investigation and said it was misunderstanding and my boss needs some training.

Now I am stuck in this position and even regret reporting to HR (not sure why I did that). I now know I should have just left quietly after the incident.

Sorry I just had to vent. I am currently looking and applying for roles.

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  1. bambamdirar

    Hr aint your friend

    And if you think your life sucks now

    Its going to be exponentially worse

    You’ve put a target on your back and now hr and your boss will do the needful and push your ass out

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