Oracle OCI or Groww | Which should I choose?

HI Everyone,

I have got offers from Oracle OCI as MTS and from Groww as SDE 2.

Oracle OCI – salary(fixed+Bonus+stock) = 50(33+6+11)
Stock is of 46lakh for 4 years 700rsu.

Groww – salary(fixed+ Bonus+ variable +ESOPS) = 49(38+2+3+6lakh)

My prior experince is with startups only no big organization, but the issue with Oracle is its fixed component is quite less than Groww. and also I have heared that with Oracle there is issue with hikes and all.

I am confused which I should join? Please do suggest.

1 thought on “Oracle OCI or Groww | Which should I choose?”

  1. prateek1211

    Groww for better work .
    oci only has ops work , no dev work . Also no hikes

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