How and when can I renegotiate my salary


Recently I passed the interview for the Test Lead position and I’m currently in the onboarding process.

I should be receiving the final offer letter to sign soon.

However, yesterday I was contacted by one of the recruiters from the same company but it was for the Tester position. So, without telling the recruiter that I already have an offer, asked what the salary would be for this position and found out that this had the same salary as mine and more shockingly whoever is hired for this position was going to work under my management.

Basically, they were trying to find the tester who will be working for the lead position that I was hired for.

I have all this information in written form (email). I’m trying to figure out when would be the good time to ask HR to renegotiate. Should I ask now? or should I wait until they give me the offer letter to sign?

Any advice is welcome. Need definitely some help here.

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  1. Negotiate before you sign the offer letter. Don’t sign it immediately. Ask the recruiter if you can call to discuss some questions you had about the offer. Then negotiate during that call. Or just negotiate over email if you’d prefer.

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