Boss assigned me a task today

Boss assigned me a task today to figure out how many regressions we have with our current test set within a 3/6/12 month segment

Turns out, I was the only person on my team who has been doing active work for the last year

I recently found out last week that the team has a chance of being downsized, mostly because there is not enough budget to keep the contractors on (I am also contracting)

I am worried that the team will be downsized, and I will be laid off alongside them

I have contracted at the company for the last 2.5 years, pouring my soul into the work I have been doing for a less than average TC

I have been trying to get acquired as a full time employee to no avail, this is my first industry position after graduating university with a bachelors degree in Computer Science

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  1. Tony Xu

    You’ve been there too long. You should be applying and interviewing asap.

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