Backend Developer or ML Engineer

I have 3 years of work ex. I am currently working as a backend (Java) developer at a product company earning 24 lacs a year. I am confused about my future career plans. Like keeping in mind next 10-15 years, which career path should I choose

Continue in current vertical of backend java developer or similar lines and keep working in similar roles of Backend Developer -> Lead -> Architect.
Pivot my career to Data Science / ML Engineer.
It’s just that ML Statistics doesn’t look much appealing to me. But also, at the end if ML/Data Science Engineer growth is gonna be exponential in coming years, then I can do it. Also do I need to start from scratch or companies take us even if I haven’t worked in any ML project in any company yet.

Any senior Backend developer/Architect or ML / Data Science Engineer here who can help me how are things after 10-15 years in this industry.